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FHOA is governed by six members of the board.  These board members are elected by the members of the Association at the annual picnic/meeting in July.  Their primary function is to ensure that Florissant Heights remains a pleasant place to live and visit.


FHOA is not, and was never intended to be, in the law or code enforcement business.  If your neighbor is in violation of the county junk ordinance, animal control laws, noise laws, or building codes, you should contact the appropriate county office, not the FHOA.


The board members and officers are interested in making this community the best possible place to live and visit, and in order to do the best possible job we can, we need to hear from you and solicit your support.

All Florissant Heights property owners are eligible for membership, whether they live here full time or only come for an occasional summer vacation.

To become a member of the Florissant Heights Owners Association is quite easy. The dues are $40 per year, and can be mailed to our Post Office Box at Florissant Heights, P.O.Box 68, Florissant, Colorado,80816. 
You'll get a membership card by return mail, which will entitle you to all the amenities of the organization. And we welcome every new member, no matter how long you've lived with us in our prestine neighborhood!

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