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              And the rains came, and gave new life to alll living things. Animals, birds, trees, plants, wild flowers, campers, tourists, and residents of this small but beautiful creation of Heaven on Earth which we locals call home. But with this beauty comes the not so beautiful. Carelessness, apathy, non-chalant, over eager visitors (and some locals) quick to start campfires (the bigger the better) to enjoy the serene surroundings of the forest and its quiet and peaceful, soul refreshing atmosphere. 
This is fine, except the bigger is better attitude is NOT the best. Because when it is time to leave, putting out the fire is the last thing campers tend to do. Campfires cannot be put out instantly! So, they pour a little water on the fire, and leave. A gentle breeze comes up in the afternoon, and reignites the coals, and produces a new campfire, with no one around to watch over and take care of the fire. As the breeze turns in to a windy condition, and the sparks from the unattended fire begins to fly around, the chances of a FOREST FIRE takes on a whole new meaning.
As the rainy season declines, and the new, green grasses begin their Fall journey into the dry, dancing ritual of spreading their seeds in preperation of another Springtime in the Rockies, they become very ignitable fuel for another disastorous forest fire. We who have lived thru the anxiety of being evacuated due to a forest fire very close to our homes, are all too aware of these dangerous times.
Please, as a resident, or a camper, or a visitor or guest to our little piece of Heaven, be extra careful with your campfires. Be extra careful with burning debris on your property.  Check to see if there is a BURN BAN in place. Be sure and obtain a fire permit from the Teller County Sheriff's office, and call them BEFORE burning. Their number is


       For the most current, up to date BURN BAN RESTRICTIONS, REGULATIONS, AND SPECIFICS,

call 719-687-9652.

It could be your house they are trying to save!!



                           Remember the Hayman Fire



One only has to listen to the radio, watch the news on TV, or look at the pictures on your phone. Or, just look outside at the trees  moving and bending, and listen to the noise of the wind as it blows across your house, barns and sheds. One small spark can create a disastrous catastrophy . One that we do not want to happen again. BE CAREFUL WITH ANY AND EVERY FIRE. Campfire, or trash fire! And above all, respect the burn bans by the Sheriff's Office as they issue the warning.

                  PLEASE  REMEMBER

Be extra careful with fires! Be sure you have a burn permit, and always call the TCSO before you burn anything, any time, everytime!
The Spring rain is going to be bringing with it an abundance of green grass and beautiful wild flowers. Which in turn will  bring extra fire hazards in late summer and early fall.

Be extra careful with fires!  We don't want another Hayman Fire or
Waldo Canyon Fire ! ! ! ! !

July 2017

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